• Spray gun adjustments primarily two interrelated factors: the gas and paint quantity adjustment. Outgassing is too small and difficult to paint spray, paint into a drop down will make the film uneven.
  •  Paint size corresponds to the size of out gassing, to adjust before the spray right the outgassing of the and the corresponding amount of paint, paint atomization, and spray evenly on the surface. Adjust spray gun to hear air sound, know the size air; second spray gun paint atomization and fan-shaped area of size.
  •  Spray gun atomization
  • Spray gun from the gun, the gun head. Gun body and head through a Connector connection head consists of a nozzle nozzle welding a number of metal bars.
  • Currently sold on the market of spray gun nozzle and needle gun is made of rugged wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant V4A steel precision mechanical machining, paint nozzle is a cone channel agreement with the needle tip position in front of the gun, line valve into a paint effect.
  • How can airbrush spray out the best fog effect, mainly the following points:
  • First, the paint viscosity should be transferred in 17-20 seconds (simple painted 4 cups).
  • Second, at maximum spray width knob.
  • Third, tighten paint flow adjustment knob, then turn 2.5 times.
  • Four, compressed air adjustment knob at the end of a gun at maximum and voltage conditioning to 2-2.5 bar.
  • Five, spray gun nozzle and the work piece distance is 20 cm. Spray gun nozzle and the workpiece should be at a 90-degree angle.
  • Six, Lance is running about 80 centimeters per second or so.
  • Seven overlapping, spray painting in a mist spray, flat 1/2, wet-spray is 2/3.
  • Eight, coating (BiComponent coatings) intervals, usually 10-15 minutes. Due to the facilities used by different local climate at different intervals and at different times, depending on the situation, must not be too dry or too wet. But you can gently use your fingers to test artifacts hidden parts or blank paper test standard for coating surfaces leaving fingerprints can be sprayed without drawing for the next film.
  • Spray gun in the process of using and sometimes there will be some problems, detailed analysis of spray phenomenon and depending on the analysis on the reasons and find solutions.

  • Airbrush FAQ and workaround:
  • Phenomenon: the spray range shape is the center of gravity to one side
  • Cause: air cap Center or spray holes plug
  • Measures: 1 clean spray Cap 2, replace the spray Cap
  • : Left or right
  • Reason: 1, gas cap side of the fan control hole plug 2, damaged gas caps
  • Measures: 1 clean spray Cap 2, replace the spray Cap
  • Phenomenon: the spray range Central too thick
  • Reason: 1, spraying the paint viscosity is too high 2, pressure is too low 3, the diameter of the nozzle and plunger due to wear and increases and decreases
  • Measures: 1, the lower the viscosity of paints, 2 increase the spraying pressure 3, replacement nozzle Kit
  • Phenomenon: spray painting Division
  • Reason: 1, paint viscosity is too low 2 fan, spray pressure is too high 3, controlling large hole 4, paint less than 5, atomizing air passage clogged
  • Measures: 1, higher viscosity paint 2 and 3, the replacement nozzle Kit lower spray pressure 4, add enough paint 5, clean the spray gun air channels
  • : Jumping the gun
  • Reasons: 1 nozzle not tighten or is not installed, 2 seal Kit guns needle connection nut loose 3, spray gun loose (the pot spray gun) 4, coatings of less than 5 in the pot, the nozzle set damaged
  • Responses: 1, screw the nozzle or clean and install nozzle set 2, tighten plunger seal Kit 3, tighten the connection nut 4, add paint 5, replace the nozzle set
  • Phenomenon: the spray range up or down
  • Reasons: 1 air outlet of the gas cap, nozzle, plunger, or there is blockage on 2, gas cap or nozzle damaged
  • Responses: 1, clean the nozzle set 2, replace the nozzle set
  • Phenomenon: no paint or a small amount of spray paint
  • Reasons: 1 air supplement, the gun lid vents covered or the gas cap and the suction pipe jam 2, pot 3 there are coatings, ejector stroke is too small
  • Measures: 1, cleaner air added holes in the lid, gas caps and suction tube 2, Supplement 3, spin coating paint flow adjustment knob to increase needle valve travel
  • Phenomenon: the nozzle is leaking paint
  • Reason: 1, plunger seal nut too tight 2, 3, nozzle and a plunger of nozzle port there are foreign bodies do not support or have injuries 4, plunger return spring broken or not installed
  • Measures: 1 unscrew plunger seal nut 2, clean nozzle 3, replace the nozzle set 4, replace the plunger return spring, or install thimble on return spring
  • Phenomenon: the spray rate is not adjustable
  • Reason: 1, fan control on both sides of the gas cap hole plug 2, damaged or misplaced 3, spray gun spray width regulator sectors controlling the air passage hole plug
  • Measures: 1 clean the air cap spray rate controller 2, replaced or properly installed spray width regulator 3, clean the air channels
  • Phenomena: unable to properly regulate air pressure or just connected to the compressed air directly from the muzzle
  • Reasons: 1 damaged, air conditioner or air valve is damaged 2, air valve return spring broken or countermeasures are not installed: 1, replacing the air conditioner or air valve 2, replace the air valve on the air valve return spring or load return spring
  • Phenomenon: ejector pin seal leakage paint
  • Reasons: 1 worn 2, thimble, thimble sealing ring sealing ring gasket 3, ejector spring damaged sealing ring is not installed or not installed 4 loose nut 5, thimble, thimble seal and seal at the contact wear 6, thimble not matched with spray gun
  • Responses: 1, replace 2, retro-fitting of thimbles thimbles sealing ring sealing ring gasket 3, replacement or retro-fitting of ejector spring 4, tighten plunger seal sealing ring nut 5, replace the nozzle set match 6, replace and spray gun nozzle set
  • Spray gun nozzle set order of disassembly and Assembly
  • Disassembly sequence: thimble → → gas cap nozzle
  • Order of installation: gas cap nozzle → → thimble
  • If you did not follow the above sequence of disassembly, can lead to damage to the nozzle set ~~ if the above method does not help you resolve the issue, you can contact us and we will be happy to serve you!!!
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    Suntem K-3 K3 drill airbrush paint spray gun touch up spray parts with pneumatic tool 0.3 mm

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