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  • classification: 150 standard 150 with 175 long shovel knife 150 set (with hammer) 150 with 2 real riveting 150 with 4 empty riveting 150 standard with 1 hammer 150 standard with 2 hammer 190 standard 190 with 175 long shovel 190 set with hammer 190 standard +1 hammer 190+175 long shovel +1 hammer 190+2 real riveting 190+4 empty riveting 250 standard 250 with 175 long shovel shaved brake tablets common configuration 250 standard +1 hammer 250+175 long shovel +1 hammer 250+2 real riveting 250+4 air rivet 150 comes standard with + 190 comes standard with + rust rust head first 250 standard + rust


     Greatest feature of the product is inexpensive, cost-effective, is an advantage for our product. Can be used for auto repair sheet metal, hammered a tire and break the weld, rivet removal of welding slag or cement concrete, such as aluminum alloy doors and Windows.

    Name specification :1-5/8 Inch hammer
     Blow frequency :4,500 / Minutes
    Exhaust : Front exhaust
    Inlet head :1/4"
    Length :150mm
    Average air consumption :0.1m3/min
    Weight :1.04KGS

    Brand: Ocean force 

    150 gas loading 120MM long length of the shovel head

    120 air after loading 175mm blade length


      Following is the 190 air shovel

    190 air scoop with 120 long blade length



    Model 250


     1 compressed air contains water through pipes into the process can damage internal parts of pneumatic tools, therefore, must be installed in the pipe filters to eliminate these adverse factors, and every day the water from the air compressor.

    2. maintain the clean lines and the body as much as possible, if too much dust accumulated in the pipe, dust easily into the cylinder group, can result in spindle and cylinder worn or stuck cylinder group, will cause damage to the tool or a life cut short.

    3. pneumatic tools work need appropriate pressure value and, therefore, need to install valve in the pipeline to ensure that air pressure in the 90PSI.

    4. before each job, drip irrigation from the intake air tool oil to lubricate the cylinder group, injection of oil consumed gas with discharge, therefore, is necessary before use, let it idle for some time.

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    Taiwan air force original camel sea aerodynamic blade hammer shovel clay Digger tools air hammer 150 190 250

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