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    Premium industrial pneumatic spade

    Pneumatic shovels are eradication tools for auto repair brakes. Can also be used for cleaning and demurring of large, medium and small casting scoop cut welding seam gap, when opening of stone and concrete walls and brick work. 

    Use: mainly for cleaning and demurring of small and medium sized castings, shovel seam, fix opening of stone and concrete walls and masonry walls.
    1. boiler metallurgical industry in the shipbuilding and other industries all kinds of metal structures of the shovel, particularly irregular or small and inconvenient shovel work.
    2. cleaning of the castings, eradication of gating.
    3. bridges traffic engineering for infrastructure elimination of welds.

    4. brick wall concrete wall openings
    above this is what you get

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    Industrial grade air shovel car rivet C4 pneumatic chipping C6 shovel pneumatic pick pneumatic tools pneumatic pick rust Remover

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