Welcome to our Wholesale Customers

This section of our site and club is reserved for wholesale customers only. Find a selection of already existing and regularly exported items. Our Wholesale services includes modification of packing requirements, shipping marks, documentation, consolidation and other export related services. We are your exporter. We also provide optional QC service and product development

We are presenting here a selected range of products at low order quantity and discount price If you are in the distribution of such products, we are glad to provide you with a wider selection of items by email You will find some brand names among the products. We are your exporter and therefore it is usually of no problem to export to your location by us. You can also apply to become our distributor for you location too. We are purchasing the items directly from the market for you. The products have various certifications which are usually made for the China market. Warranties are usually only available for the domestic market.
If you require any specific standards or certifications, please contact our customer care .
Looking for a specific item, please use the RFQ Request for Quote form and state your request as detailed as possible, preferable with a picture. To see our special prices and discounts you need to register as WHOLESALE customer. Shipping can be arranged as per your request including consolidation, forwarding as by-load, mail service, express and freight. You name it, we get it. 

If you are a B2C customer and looking for Retail shopping please go to N2Y Clubhttp://n2y.club with about 20,000 Items free shipped worldwide at discount prices.                                                                        Pay easily and secure by PayPal or WeChat account